Cecilia Montemayor

 I have had an affinity with words all my life. My education has been bilingual from the earliest stages. As a classical singer known internationally for the performance of the Song of Art, I believe that a precise interpretation of the words in a song is of utmost importance and is the only way to offer the aesthetic vision of the poet, the composer and the performer. The same precision is necessary for writing and translating. The power of words and written content is immense, and extreme attention to detail is essential for these tasks to be performed correctly. 

My work experience in both business and the arts has given me countless opportunities to refine the art of writing and translating into English and Spanish. Crafting content for a variety of needs, from letters, websites, media materials, and financial reporting to cultural project management programs, scholarly journal articles, and book publishing has provided me with a consolidated experience to meet the needs of any client. .


Pro ópera

Pro ópera

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Translations: Cecilia Montemayor

Book author: Nancy Bos //Founder of StudioBos Media

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