Singing Workshop

“Singing Workshop”

I teach you to break boundaries, gain confidence, grow your vocal sound, and truly inspire others with your musicality and the magic of your voice. The results are transformative and are aimed at singers of all levels and of all genres.

Frequent questions

What types of singers come with you to receive vocal instruction?

I personally specialize in classical singing, but I teach all kinds of students, from professional singers who are looking to hone their craft to those who are only looking for the recreation of music. My singing classes have something special and unique to offer everyone, regardless of age or repertoire style they want to perform.


How often are classes taken?

This is entirely at the discretion of the singer, who chooses a frequency that is commensurate with his availability and his desire to progress. The most common program is one session per week. Singers who attend classes regularly experience rapid advancement. Others find the casual counseling program helpful to them in increasing their vocal level. Regardless of frequency, dedication is key.

Can you train me for an upcoming recording, a concert or an audition?

Of course! I have helped singers prepare for special projects, such as recording records, preparing concerts, or preparing to audition for singing contests. I focus on choosing and refining a song or group of songs to find out how vocal and interpretive performance can be enhanced through appropriate artistic options and good vocal technique. I promote an atmosphere of trust, which gives singers the opportunity to feel more comfortable and confident with their voice and performance.

Do you teach remote classes or only face-to-face?

I do both formats, and I love it! I know that for many singers personal contact in the singing classroom is necessary, but also for other singers, the time and location make it difficult to schedule regular classes, trainings and face-to-face workshops. So I try to be available to the student wherever I am. For all of them, new technologies make vocal study possible almost as if it were in person. When considering the remote option, I do a setup test to make sure that the student has the right microphone, camera, and speakers, so that the class runs smoothly.