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The Escuela de Canto y Piano de Monterrey, SC (ECAP Monterrey) is an active cultural organization with ideological pluralism with more than 20 experience, which designs educational programs and cultural activities to promote training, creation, research, dissemination, interpretation and practice. of music and the arts.

In addition to the School of Music, it has had the ECAP Monterrey Cultural Center since 2010. Within its auditorium and spaces, seasons of concerts, plays, book presentations and exhibitions have been hosted uninterruptedly since its inauguration.

Organized five editions of the MéxicoLiederFest – International Art Song Festival, (2014-2019) the only national festival of its kind, based in Nuevo León, to create impact in the community for the benefit of both specialized audiences and emerging artistic groups. and individual artists and audiences of all ages.

In an effort to continue with a different educational offer, ECAP Monterrey expanded its educational programs to include a specialized program that would allow those interested to have an immersive experience in the study of the Song of Art as well as an approach to the innovative processes of interpretation that can support him in his artistic work when performing in recital. For this, in 2017, in conjunction with the University of Chihuahua, the MEXSONG INTERNATIONAL-Academia de Canción de Arte project lasted one week. This specialized program would become the first program of its kind at the national level, with visiting artists from France and Canada.

It was the headquarters and central office of the Mexican Association of Singing Teachers for ten years (2009-2019) within which it had the organization of the National Congresses held in various cities of the country.

The COVID-19 phenomenon has confronted us with a situation never seen before, with multiple scenarios of change. Facing a reinvention of the way to offer music and cultural education to the community, ECAP Monterrey has uploaded a totally online platform, according to the needs of these times.

At ECAP Monterrey we teach students to break their limits, gain confidence, grow their vocal sound, and truly inspire others with their musicality and the magic of their voice.

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To become an active, broad and ideological pluralism institution whose mission will be to channel efforts towards the community aimed at offering dissemination, training, education, promotion of the creation, interpretation and research of music and the arts, as a culture and as a right of the people.


It will favor the development of cultural and artistic activity in our country.