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Soon – Integral Singers Workshop

Febraury 6, 2019 – Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez,

Realizing the full potential of your voice.

In this workshop I teach you to break boundaries, gain confidence, grow your vocal sound, and truly inspire others with your musicality and the magic of your voice. The results are transforming and are targeted to singers of all levels and all genres.

The Integral Singers Workshop is a global and holistic activity involving training of the most essential topics in the formation of a singer:   vocal technique, physical knowledge of the voice, study of repertoire, musicality and connection with the inner artist. These four sections subdivide themselves into topics for in-depth understanding, both theoretically and in the practice sessions, with many group and individual exercises.

“Every person is different” and therefore this workshop has a format with a high individual content for personal attention of singers. In order to know the strengths and areas of opportunity, each of the participants in the workshop has questionnaires to fill out, interviews, and an analysis of an audio or demo.   Through individual sessions a personal attention is given to the specific needs of each participating singer.

The group lectures cover the following topics in three levels:  advanced,  intermediate and basic,  or according to the ability and knowledge of the attendees, and includes:   voice categories, the power of breathing, resonance and subglottic considerations, the appoggio, diction and articulators, the daily regimen – common and custom exercises, the union of emotion and technique, and vocal health.

The duration and specific content of the workshop is built according to the specific needs of the group. There are different programs, from half-day to four days.  I will be happy to create modified workshop that suit the needs of you and your team.  The cost varies based on length, location, and number of participants.

For further questions and/or to schedule your workshop, please write to:  or call +52 (81) 8356 6959.

TESTIMONIALS February-2016- The most important lesson I obtained during the course with the teacher Cecilia Montemayor wasthe difference between the actual work carried out by different parts of the vocal instrument, and personal feeling experienced; in addition to the clarity with which these concepts should be explained to the students. Blanca Esponda – Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas.

April-2016- I wanted to thank you for the kind and notes today, was enriching for me to have worked this time in the afternoon today, a hug, many successes along the way, and again thanks. Carlos Salazar García – Manizales, Colombia


What kind of singers come to you to receive vocal instruction?

I specialize in classical singing, but I teach all kinds of students, from professional singers who are looking to refine their craft to those who seek only the recreation of the music. My singing lessons have something special and unique to offer everyone, regardless of age or style of repertoire.

How often do students  take classes?

This is entirely up to the singer, who choose a frequency that depends on their availability and desire to progress. The most common program is one session per week. Singers who attend classes regularly experience rapid progress. Others find that the program occasional vocal counseling is useful to increase the vocal proficiency. Regardless of the frequency, dedication is key.

¿Can you  train me for my next recording,  concert or audition?

Of course! I have  prepared singers for special projects, such as recording discs, prepare concerts or prepare for an audition for a singing competition. I focus on the choice and refinement of a song or group of songs to know how the vocal and interpretive performance can be raised through a good vocal technique and appropriate artistic choices. I  promote an environment of trust, which gives singers the opportunity to be more comfortable and confident with their voice and performance.

¿Do you give remote classes or only in your vocal room?

I do both formats, and I love it! For many singers a personal contact in the singing classroom is necessary, but also for other singers time and location make it difficult to schedule regular classes or  workshops inside a  classroom. So I try to be available for the students wherever they might be. For all of them, the new technologies make it possible to study vocal classes almost like being face to  face. When I´m  considering the remote option, I do a configuration test to make sure that the student has the microphone, the camera and the right speaker to receive the voice class without any problem.

¿Where do I find you for a personal interview?

Mi voice classroom is in ECAP Monterrey.  Follow this link:

Or you can call +52 81 8356 6959 for an appointment.