Festival Achievements

The MexicoLiederFest – International Art Song Festival, was established as the only festival of its kind in all of Latin America. The mission was to promote the knowledge and enjoyment of the song of art from all countries and of all times, to attend the careers of singers, composers, and musicians as collaborative artists, and to educate the general public in the joy of song. . It achieved five editions during the 2014-2019 period with a total influx of more than 100,000 people, bringing them closer to classical music and art in general. Its first program of activities took place in Monterrey, reaching a growth in its fifth edition of presentations in the northern part of the country in cities within the states of Nuevo León, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Durango.

His fidelity to a multidisciplinary character allowed us to include not only concerts in the program, but also master classes, language workshops, exhibitions, editorial presentations and theater, with the art song as the common thread. This allowed attending the career activities of national and international artists, composers and writers, and the generation of new audiences for this vocal art. In addition to the party that constitutes living a festival in a city, the presentation of the MexicoLiederFest collaborated in raising awareness at a national level of what the Art Song is and can offer, not only in the generation of new audiences but also in the incorporation of new formats of presentation on stage for singers and musicians.

Why is Art Song important?

In western music, the Art Song is different from other songs. Singers and musicians trained in classical technique perform them, generally accompanied by piano or instrumental ensemble. Words and notes are written and therefore resist chance or accidental changes. Texts and melodies tend to be subtle, sophisticated, highly organized, broad, and complex, requiring repeated listening for full understanding and appreciation.

The Art Song is vital for the same reason that art and music are essential. It is a reflection of the world seen through the eyes of the artist (composer or performer). Music, and in this case, the Art Song, is an expression that has enduring relevance for humanity. As a multidisciplinary channel of expression, it becomes a vehicle that opens the doors of the person to the world around him, a world of work, culture, intellectual activity, and human development. Like art, it provides a solidification, a product, and a symbol made tangible that informs us and sometimes points out the directions our lives take. In this solidification, the Art Song, having become tangible, becomes usable and functional. It then allows for recapitulation, that is, the possibility for the intellectual product to inform future generations.

The Art Song teaches us the power of words and how they can work in the creation of vocal music. Words have shapes, colors, and inflections that reverberate with energy. The Art Song is full of extraordinary images in vivid language. In the texts of the songs, we can find a tremendous amount of drama, humor, brilliant stage description, picturesque characters, or of any kind, and all expressed in the most beautiful and evocative language.
The Art Song is as vital in today’s world as any other genre of classical music is. It deserves to be preserved, studied, interpreted, and spread across the globe for its enjoyment.


“To imagine a world without an art song is to imagine a world without poetry”.

Cecilia Montemayor

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